July 25, 2011


Let this be a warning to you: I DO NOT and WILL NOT go into anything involving sheet music. That includes: staffs, clefs, and ledger lines; note duration; rest duration; measures and time signatures; dots and ties; nor key signatures. I have a strong animosity toward sheet music. However, I will go into scales, scale shapes and chords, as well as alternate tunings and guitar exercises. Remember, I am not a teacher. I have been playing guitar for about five or six years but I will be relearning at the same pace you are learning. I encourage you to not do exactly as I do. I'm simply acting as a guide.

I don't think art should be bounded by theories; I do believe that knowledge of these theories are important in becoming a more open minded musician. Just remember to have fun.

I plan on posting lessons at least three days a week, maybe every other day so don't forget to stop by every now and then. I will try to keep the lessons as short and concise as possible and I will include tabs, exercises, and riffs to help you further explore the lessons on your own.

Now that everything has been said, let's get started!

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